RoyalPay QR Code

A RoyalPay QRCode is quickly generated for the merchant,via which the payment from online business and retail business canbe easily charged to the merchant AUD bank account.

Retail In-Store

For retail business we provide a more efficient way of scanning the comsumer’s payment QRCode .The payment can be easily finished as long as the scanner scans the comsumer’s payment QRCode. Meanwhile, we also provide the solution of integrating with the existing POS system seamlessly.

Gateway API

For online business we provide the RoyalPay Gateway API,with which cross-border E-commerce supplier from Australian can quickly and efficiently solve the cross-border payments problems by integrating with RoyalPay Gateway API in there online business.

How RoyalPay Works

WeChat Cross-Border Payment System
Chinese Consumers
WeChat Cross-Border Account
Merchant AUD Account

Why use RoyalPay


All data is encrypted via SSL Transfer Protocol to avoid the data leakage during transmission.

Stable & Efficient

Payment Services deployed in the cloud in Distributed architecture , fully guarantee high availability, to ensure efficient payment and stability.


Competitive transaction rates and clearing cycles.

Marketing Service

Provide marketing components for wechat Ecology, including wechat Coupons, lucky money, membership cards, Directly links to Chinese consumers.


A variety of data models help merchants improve their marketing strategies to gain higher profit.

Customization Service

Customize payment products According to the business of the Merchant.

Gateway API

$input = new RoyalPayUnifiedOrder(); $input->setOrderId(RoyalPayConfig::PARTNER_CODE . date("YmdHis")); $input->setDescription("test"); $input->setPrice("1"); $input->setCurrency("AUD"); $input->setNotifyUrl(""); $input->setOperator("123456"); //submit order $result = RoyalPayApi::jsApiOrder($input); //redirect to payment $inputObj = new RoyalPayJsApiRedirect(); $inputObj->setDirectPay('true'); $inputObj->setRedirect(urlencode('' . strval($input->getOrderId())));
Plugins for E-commerce platform: