Shake your way to new friendships.

Shake it up a bit and connect with people around the world with Shake. This feature allows you to connect with anyone using Shake at the same time as you, whether it be your next door neighbor or someone halfway across the world.


Keeping in touch with Walkie Talkie.

Remember executing elaborate spy missions using walkie talkies as a kid? Playing hide and seek with a twist? Don’t let the past be the past and embrace your inner child with WeChat which allows you to use your phone as a walkie talkie.


Sharing your location with your contacts.

“Choma I’m here, down the road”... but where is here? With WeChat you can share your exact location so that your friend can easily navigate towards the place in which you’d like them to go. This means that “turn right at the big house, right again then short left at the garage” becomes a simpler instruction to follow with just a few taps on WeChat. You can also share your real-time location, so your friends can see where you are as you are are moving. Sure, only 5 minutes way…


Access WeChat on your Desktop.

Experience WeChat on a bigger screen and keyboard while staying productive on your computer with desktop versions. Web WeChat can be accessed on any computer’s web browser through a link and QR code scan with your phone. Also available are native apps: WeChat for Mac, Windows and iPad.


Endless fun with WeChat games.

There are a variety of WeChat games that you can play, against your friends on WeChat! Set an impressive highscore and see how friends try to best you by playing exciting titles such as WeChat Dash and Craz3 Match. If you’re ever bored, you obviously haven’t played WeChat games!


Scan QR codes to unleash awesome.

QR codes are those black-and-white squares that hold information which when scanned can lead you to extra information or most likely on WeChat, to a cool action such as adding a friend, following an official account, linking to Web WeChat, entering a competition or even something more advanced. WeChat has a built-in QR Code feature that allows you to scan any QR code (so not just the ones created by WeChat).


Save messages and media for later with Favourites.

Have you ever received a message that you would like to keep forever and ever? You can store pics, text messages, videos, links and voice clips from chats in a safe place by choosing to Favourite them. They get stored on your account in the cloud so even if you change phones, your Favourites are always there, ready to be enjoyed again whenever you want. Not even your microSD is this cool.


Make fast friends with Friend Radar.

There are many ways to add friends on WeChat and Friend Radar is one of the most fun. With this feature you can instantly spot everyone around you (in your radar) who is also using the feature and you can simply tap on their profile pics to add them as friends. Next time you’re at a party, send out your signal and make friends near you.


Connect with your favourite brands through Official Accounts.

Official Accounts allow you to easily connect with brands, celebs, shows and amazing services. You can use OrderIn to have food delivered to your door, stream local Afrikaans music using Liedjie or have a package delivered on-demand with picup Couriers – all without leaving the WeChat app.


Express yourself with fun Stickers.

If pictures say a thousand words then stickers say 5 million (more or less). Express yourself more with a wide variety of FREE animated stickers on WeChat. Share a sticker with a friend to suit any situation or feeling. Feeling awkies or just nje? There’s a sticker for that!


Capture life in short videos.

Sometimes you want a to show your friends a little more than a pic without sending a huge video, so what can you do? Record and share a Sight! Sights are 6-second video clips that can be instantly shared in chats and to Moments.


Share your life on Moments.

Capture moments of your life through photos, Sights, links and more with all your contacts or selected groups of people and individuals on your Moments timeline. Friends can like and comment on what you share so you’ll know what they think of your endless selfies :D You can also choose to share Moments to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.


Connect with up to 100 people in group chats.

Make plans for meeting up, discuss topics, organise trips and more with up to 100 people at once in group chats. If things get a bit too busy in there but you still want to keep in touch, you can simply mute a group. Organising your life with a bunch of people chop chop has never been easier.


Free video and voice calling.

For that extra personal touch, hearing a voice and seeing a face makes communication that much more special. You can make voice and video calls on WeChat for FREE (your network provider may charge you for the data transfer).


Get yourself heard with voice messages.

Sometimes you have a lot to say and just can’t type fast enough or want to keep your hands free, voice notes are your friend! Voice notes on WeChat are recorded for up to a minute per message and are used in chats. Simply use the button to record a message and your friend on the other side gets to hear your lovely voice with all its range of emotions… sarcastic much?