WeChat Pay,

Smart Ecosystem

Use WeChat to register as a patient,book appointments,pay,and check prescriptions

Use WeChat to find out information about tourists attractions - parks or historic areas. Connect to local businesses and restaurants

WeChat electronic room card,contact reception desk through WeChat,subscribe to hotel Official Account,payment through WeChat,choose your room from your phone

Use WeChat to buy,send,and scan electronic tickets

Self-service,pay bill with phone,use WeChat to call waiter

Student identity authentication,news through Official Account


Electronic Commercial

Cross-border e-business solutions for the industry to provide high-quality, convenient mall solutions to help companies build online marketing power system to complete the customer precipitation fans, help enterprises to quickly enter the era of mobile power providers.

WeChat cross border payment will also enable companies outside China to sell in the Chinese market without having to set-up shop in China. Chinese shoppers can pay in CNY by WeChat Pay., merchants get real-time exchange rate of local currency settlement services.

We also provide full technical support for merchant with exsiting electricity commerce access to cross-border payment.

Catering Industry

For the catering industry, in addition to helping businesses to access WeChat payment, but also provides marketing, ordering, take-away, members and other one-stop service

Through the integration of business public resources, online marketing, offline drainage. Increased restaurant sales opportunities, improved consumer experience, reduced restaurant operating costs, while increasing brand awareness for businesses to bring substantial growth in revenue.


Hotel Industry

For thousands of tourists from China ,they continue to enjoy the familiar purchasing behaviour of paying in RMB (CNY) via their existing WeChat wallets.

WeChat Official Accounts provide a formal way for hotels to interact with their customers through WeChat.

And we also support pre-authorization payments.

Education Industry

With the increasing number of students studying abroad, the market size of the service industry is growing. For the education sector, we provide a set of educational information, consulting services, experience lectures and a series of marketing services.

The use of micro-channels of communication, the promotion of educational products, ready to study the young people have greater advantages.

Convenient micro-payment to make cross-border payments become simple and efficient.